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Gator Couriers provide a 24/7 Sameday Courier Service and a Budget Delivery Service for ebay and non urgent deliveries.
We are located in Bradford near to the city centre.
124 Idle Road,
West Yorkshire,
BD2 4ND.
We can provide courier, delivery and removal services from Yorkshire area.
From the Yorkshire area to Anywhere in the UK.
From Anywhere in the UK to Yorkshire.
For Urgent Calls we can arrive at most location in Bradford within 30 mins and most areas of West Yorkshire within 1 Hour.
Our main vehicle is a Mercedes Sprinter with various sized other vehicles available e.g. Ford Courier for smaller items. 
Contact Gator Couriers for a quote:-
Telephone Gator Couriers,
Mobile:-  07766 741774
Office:- 0845 833 0169


Terms and Conditions
Courier & Delivery Services

Same Day Courier & Delivery Services:-
Whilst we will try to provide all services at all times some services may be limited at busy times.
Any Times and Dates given are for guidlines only and are not guaranteed.
Your quoted price includes 20 mins Pick Up Time, 20 mins Delivery Time. Extra waiting time at either location may be charged at 5.00 for 20 mins or part of unless other wise agreed.
Tolls/ Congestion charges and other extra charges of this nature may be added to your final costs if these extra charges were not know when a price quote was requested.You may receive a seperate invoice for these extra costs.
Each collection and delivery is priced according to size of vehicle requested and mileage travelled whilst loaded with your item. Tolls, Congestion Charges and other extra costs will also be added to the total cost.
Mileage is calculated using the fastest route using Route Planner on or Tom Tom Sat Nav.
Minimum Delivery Charges apply to all vehicles.
Car:-                          30.00
Transit Van SWB:-   30.00
Large Van:-              30.00
Goods in Transit Insurance up to 15,000 is automatically included in all courier/delivery services. Please inform us if you require higher insurance for your items. Extra charges will apply for the higher insurance cover.
Live Online Tracking only available on Large Van deliveries.
Please inform Gator Couriers when booking if you require Live Online Tracking on deliveries which may use other size vehicles. Subject to availability, we may use the Large van for small deliveries at the delivery rate for the requested vehicle, to enable you to have Live Online Tracking for your delivery .
We do not transport any Hazardous or Dangerous or Illegal items.
Payment Methods:-
This is not available to all customers. You will be invoiced the same day of your delivery. All invoices have to be paid within 14 Days of date on invoice.
This can be paid to the driver at Collection or Delivery address.
This option may not be available on all deliveries.
Paypal Account. 
Payment can be made from funds in your paypal account.
Payment has to be made before delivery.
A 5.00 surcharge will be added for payment through Paypal due to Paypal fees.
Credit/Debit Card payments through Paypal.
Payment has to be made before your item can be delivered.
A 5.00 Surcharge is made for payment using a credit/debit card, this is because of charges made by paypal.
You do NOT need a Paypal account to pay this way. Payment by card has to be arranged when making booking. The Driver cannot take card payments.
There is a link on this site which takes you directly to paypal to allow payment to be made this way direct to Gator Couriers.
We do NOT receive your card details using this method of payment. Your details are given direct to Paypal. This helps to ensure your card security.
 Please see the Paypal web site for their Privacy Policy regarding your details.


If you wish to cancel your booking,  24 Hours notice must be given to Gator Couriers, No charge will be made.

If you cancel within 24 Hours of collection time a 50% charge of the total fee will be payable.

If no cancellation notice is given a 100% charge of total fee is payable.

You will be invoiced with payment payable within 14 days of invoice date.

Terms and Conditions
Budget Delivery Services.
Removals / eBay / Non Urgent Items

eBay / Used Items:-
Goods in Transit Insurance up to 250.00 is automatically included to cover your item whilst being transported.  Your item is covered for Total Loss only i.e. If the van is in a collision and your item is destoyed your item will be covered by the insurance, If we loose your item your item will be covered.
Your item will not be covered for marks/ scratches/ chips/ dents/ knocks/ bangs / cracks / faulty workings/ non working items & any other kind of damage or faults whether the item is packaged or not. This is because ebay sellers do not always declare all faults and damage when listing the item and fault cannot be proved.
Please Note:- Insurance is not provided for Glass / Mirror or other Fragile or Delicate items.
When making any claim proof of value must be produced, i.e. ebay sale receipt. Payment will only be made for the value on the ebay receipt for this item up to a maximum amount of 250.00.
Every care is taken when Handling/Loading/Unloading and Transporting your posessions but accidents can happen. We accept no responsibility for any damage too or loss of your possesions or damage to any property when conducting the removal of your item/s. We do NOT offer insurance to cover such eventualities. We suggest you purchase insurance to cover any losses which you may incur, from your House Contents Insurance Company. Your policy may already cover moving house/furniture items .
By booking with Gator Couriers you the person making the booking, agree to provide your own insurance and will NOT hold Gator Couriers responsible for any damage to ANY property or ANY damage to your items however it was caused.
General Information:-
The price we provide for the budget services we provide for ebay items and non urgent deliveries is based on collection and delivery within 14 days of making a booking.
Any times and dates given are a guidline only and not guaranteed.  
Collection from inside the collection point and delivery to inside the delivery point. e.g. the driver will help carry a sofa into your living room.
This service is provided at the drivers discretion, the driver may decline to enter any premises or property to help with loading/unloading at any location at anytime without giving a reason. 
If then driver enters any property at your request, the driver does so without accepting any responsibility for any damage/harm caused to property or persons whilst helping move the item. You accept full responsibility for any damage/harm to any property/person.
We accept no responsibility for the condition of items purchased through ebay, other auction sites, other second hand items or any item unpackaged, packaged, new or secondhand from other third parties.
Delivery charges are payable at all time even if the item is not as described by the seller.
We recommend you view all items before making your purchase.
You are responsible for the payment for the purchase of any item you ask Gator Couriers to collect and deliver. Please make sure payment has been made before we arrive to collect the item as you are still required to pay the full delivery charges if we are not allowed to collect the item due to payment not being made for the item.
**Gator Couriers will NOT make payment for your item on your behalf and then collect the payment from you**
For Ebay items /single items or small removals a fixed price may be given.
Unless otherwise agreed, the fixed price includes up to 20 mins loading/waiting time at collection point and up to 20 mins unloading/waiting time at delivery point. Extra waiting time at either location will be charged at 5.00 for each additional 20 mins or part of, and will be added to the original quoted fixed price.
If Gator Couriers have tried to make a delivery or collection and nobody is at the address we will use the contact number for that location to clarify the situation. If it is possible the driver will wait and additional waiting time may be added to the cost. If waiting is not an option recollection or redelivery charges will apply. This may result in the original full delivery charge being charged + the full delivery charge for the recollection or redelivery.
The total amount including any extra charges is payable in full in cash at the end of the delivery.If payment has been made by debit/credit card or paypal payment prior to collection you will be invoiced for any additional charges, payment will need to be made within 7 days of invoice date. Non payment will result in additional charges being added with further action taken for the recover of the oustanding balance.
Small removals may be charged at a Per Hour Rate + a mileage Charge.
This is payable in full in cash at the end of the removal.
Minimum Charge for 2 Hours applies. You will then be charged by the Half Hour or part of.
Unless a fixed price has been agreed before the removal begins, your quoted price is only an estimated cost of the move, your final costs may go up or down .
Minimum Delivery Charges apply to all Collections and Deliveries of 30.00.
Payment Methods:-
Can be paid to the driver.
This may not be an option for all collections or  removals.
Paypal account. 
Payment can be made using funds in your paypal account.
Funds must clear before collections or  removals commences.
Credit/Debit Card Payments through Paypal. 
A 5.00 surcharge is made for payment using a credit/debit card, this is because of charges made by paypal. 
You do NOT need to have a paypal account to pay this way.
Payment must clear before collection or removals commences.
Card Security. 
We do NOT receive your card details when using this method of payment.
Your card details are sent directly to paypal. This helps to ensure your card security. 
See Paypal web site for there privacy policy regarding your card details.
If you wish to cancel your booking, 24 Hours notice must be given to Gator Couriers, No charge will be made. If you cancel within 24 Hours of collection time a 50% charge of the total fee will be payable. If no cancellation notice is given a 100% charge of total fee is payable.
It is your responsibility when making a booking with Gator Couriers to make sure all parties are aware of these terms and conditions.

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Mercedes Sprinter 311 cdi.
Maximum Load Length 4.2m
Maximum Load Height 1.8m
Maximum Load Width 1.5m
(1.25m between wheel arches)
Carry up to 4 Standard Pallets.

VW LT35 MWB Van.
Maximum Load Length 3.2m
Maximum Load Height 1.8m
Maximum Load Width 1.5m
(1.25m between wheel arches).
Carry up to 3 Standard Pallets.

Maximum Load Length 2.2m
Maximum Load Height
Maximum Load Width